What are the Essential Criteria for Curriculum Management?

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(3) Decisions of a permanent nature should be based on sound evidence.

(4) Previous decisions should be balanced with new decisions so as to safeguard the overall functioning of the institution.

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(5) Decisions should be taken in a co-operative and participative manner.

(6) They should take into account the explosion in new knowledge.

(7) Curriculum management should provide for individual differences.

(8) Decisions taken should be communicated well to all the stakeholders.

(9) Decisions should be taken keeping in view the available or likely to be available human and material resources.

To summarize the whole process of curriculum management, the following flow chart devised by Day, Whitaker and Johnston (1990) is a useful device.

In other words, the preceding diagram shows that the process of curriculum management is essentially cyclic in nature and that the three stages of curriculum management are interlinked and interwoven taking place simultaneously, each influencing the other.


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