What are the Essential Interpersonal Skills Required in a Formal Meeting?

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(2) Proposing or formally putting forward an idea, suggesting or recommending a change to an activity or project or offering a new activity or project for consideration.

(3) Building and supporting such as furthering an activity or project as a member of a team, providing positive feedback and assisting another person toward accomplishing a collective goal. Active listening during project meetings helps in providing solutions to problems and providing constructive feedback.

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(4) Shutting out and bringing in which involve excluding or involving members of a group or team in the exchange of ideas both verbal and written such as asking the members of an activity or a project to share their opinions.

(5) Disagreeing which involves having a contradictory opinion discreetly and with consideration, voice a difference of opinion or variation of an idea being discussed by a group or team.

(6) Summarising or providing a condensed account of the original content. Taking an active listening position, restating observations or features of an activity or a project for the purposes of clarity and understanding.

(7) Counseling skills for counseling colleagues, friends, students and parents.

(8) Assertiveness skills such as returning faulty goods, saying ‘no’, keeping to professional ethics, code of conduct and agreements.

(9) Social skills such as introducing yourself, attending meetings, working with the parents, students and colleagues from the same and other institutions.

(10) Facilitation skills such as conducting and attending meetings and groups, chairing discussions and planning and organising meetings.


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