What should be the structure of Your School Building? – Answered!

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Rooms in a school building should be well ventilated and should allow enough light in them. The rooms should be of such a size that future increase in enrolment could be absorbed. The hall should be centrally located in such a way that air and light are not blocked.

The building should also have a structure which can allow for additional wings f required in future. It is not always advisable to have verandas on both sides of the rooms since cross lighting is sometimes not good. The school building should be constructed from inside out rather than from outside in.

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It is always preferable to have the building of one storey though a multi-storeyed building would be less expensive. Each room should have only one door on one side towards the front of the room.

Though, traditionally, rooms have been built to accommodate 40-50 students as per the rules laid down by departments; in reality, there are up to 8C students in a class especially in a city like Mumbai.

This fact should be borne in mind while determining the size of a classroom. Classrooms should have room for gangways between desks. Dual desks save more space as compared to single desks. School rooms should be well ventilated and well-painted.

They should look pleasant, attractive and cheerful. The height of school rooms should be about sixteen or seventeen feet. Rooms should not open into one another so that students do not disturb other classes while moving in and outside classrooms.

Classrooms should be built in such a way as to make it possible for a teacher to use diverse methods of teaching such as project method, team teaching, individualized instruction, group work, role playing and so on. It should be large enough to accommodate cupboards for students’ notebooks and books belonging to class-library.


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