Check Out the Authentic Apps to Hack WhatsApp online

Check Out the Authentic Apps to
Hack WhatsApp Online 

WhatsApp has over 1.2 billion users worldwide as of February 2017. The company takes both privacy and security very seriously and has, hence, introduced several updates to make them even stronger.

In November 2014, it introduced the end-to-end encryption system which according to the company, “ensures only you and the person you're communicating with can read what is sent, and nobody else in between, not even WhatsApp can.”

However, with all these security updates, some people have still figured out ways to hack WhatsApp online. Here are the best apps for the purpose:

1. FlexiSpy – FlexiSpy is a surveillance app that is compatible with both mobile phones and computers. Once installed in the target device, one can access it remotely. Users can retrieve not only WhatsApp data but also browsing history, phone logs, calls, contacts, calendar, media files, messages, etc.

2. TheTruthSpy – TheTruthSpy when installed into a target’s phone, records their WhatsApp data. Apart from this, the app can record their calls, SMS, browsing history and also the surrounding audio.

The one disadvantage of this app is that a user can only access these records by logging into their TheTruthSpy account on their official website.

3. Mobistealth: Mobistealth is a mobile as well as a computer monitoring software. After installing it on the target device, it gets completely hidden so no one can tamper with it.

It can monitor not only WhatsApp but also Skype, Viber, Line, and KiK. Apart from monitoring these apps, it can track real-time or past location, record videos, and pictures, emails, SMSs, web history, and contacts.

4. Copy9 - Copy9 is a similar app like the ones mentioned above. Once installed into the target device, it can hack WhatsApp chat history completely. Whatsapp Hack application is available absolutely free trial and is very easy to use for anyone. Not only that, but it can also record call logs, SMS, contacts, calendar, track GPS, record calls, surrounding audios, and also access photos and videos.

5. MxSpy - MxSpy is a smartphone monitoring app that, once installed, can record call history, SMS/MMS (including deleted ones), photos, videos, GPS locations, browsing history, bookmarks, etc. It can also block unwanted websites and numbers, view installed apps, and more. MxSpy is highly effective and absolutely useful when it comes to Whatsapp Hack.

The app can monitor apps like WhatsApp, iMessage, Blackberry messages, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Skype, and Viber.

6. 9Spyapps – 9Spyapps is another phone monitoring app which can also track apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Hike, IMO, Line, Skype, and Viber. 9Spyapps can whatsapp hack without Jailbreak and Root, it's easy to use and you can get free trial version.

It can record call history, location history, SMS, contacts, applications, photos, videos, etc.

All of the mentioned apps are primarily for monitoring smartphones. Almost all of them are available for iOS and Android devices. Users can download them easily by visiting their respective official websites.

Remember, there are tons of free apps on the internet that can assure you to how to hack WhatsApp account, but not all of those can guarantee effectiveness.  

However, the apps mentioned above are genuine and come in both premium and paid form. They have different kinds of monthly and yearly plans. Some of them even have trial versions available for people to try them out. So, you can trust their authenticity and track any targeted user without being noticed.