How To Spy WhatsApp Messages Using MxSpy App

For about two decades now, phone-tracking activities have become so popular. However, the need to use spying applications is based on your intentions or the information you want to find out. For example, companies who give smartphones to their employees use the phone-monitoring software to spy on their employees.

Most people use their phones to send their friends’ e-mails, play games, surf the internet among other things. However, to avoid lawsuits the company is supposed to inform the employees of ay tracking apps to avoid privacy violation. However, for the spying applications to work, you need to install the app on the smartphone directly.


MxSpy App

This spy app lets you view WhatsApp conversations that take place on your target’s phone. You will be able to view their WhatsApp messages. The app also allows you to find out the numbers and names of people they chat with.

The app also allows you to view their date and time stamps to know when the chats took place. All the conversations on WhatsApp are uploaded to your online control panel allows you to access it from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

If you are looking to watch over your kids, supervise your employees’ performance, or prevent theft, this app will help you achieve that. The software runs invisibly on their phone and allows you to access all the actions including the GPS location, call log history, text messages, calendar updates, internet history, emails and much more.

How MxSpy Works

You need to create a private online account before you can log in to view their data. Once you create a MxSpy account, you will need to install the app on their phone. Once you install the app, you are able to monitor their calls and text messages.

The app also monitors the GPS location of your target’s phone allowing you to know when they are in traffic or out somewhere. The app also gets their calendar and address book allowing you to keep tabs on their occasions as well.

You can also view all their multimedia files including videos. You will be able to see any photos or videos they save. Whenever they take a new picture or video, it will be automatically uploaded to your online account. This app is perfect if you think your spouse is cheating on you.

You need to make sure that you check if their mobile device is compatible with the whatsapp spy app. for example, the app only works in rooted phones in case the phone is Android. If the phone is compatible, you can go ahead and install the tamper-proof app directly on their phone and begin monitoring.


As long as the app is correctly installed on the target phone, the data will be captured and sent to a secure web portal. As long as the device is internet-enabled, you will be able to monitor their WhatsApp without being detected. The app works in a stealth mode meaning the person you’re monitoring won’t even know you are monitoring them.