June 20, 2017

How to spy Whatsapp messages from another phone?

Ever since it came burst into the scene, Whatsapp has been growingly adapted by millions to such extent that users have literally forgotten the good old SMS.

The “free” and “ad-free” factor has made it the preferred messenger app across the smartphone platforms.

Whatsapp lets us transfer not just messages, but also pictures, audio, and video files and now it even allows you to make a video call.

With such profound usage and features, Whatsapp can be quite detrimental if not in the right hands.

The worrying factor is when vulnerable people are exposed to the limitless horizons of communications.

A Whatsapp spy app will be helpful to keep track of the communications that go through the messenger apps of the target individual.

It can be used by parents to keep a watch over their kids or even employers to track stuff that goes through their staff’s phones.

Some even require this to keep a leash on their spouse’s messaging and calling habits.

Much like a blessing, there exists a Whatsapp spy app that can pretty much track almost anything that goes through the Whatsapp messenger.

Whatsapp hack app in the form of 9SpyApp is the perfect solution to this.

It can access all Whatsapp chats, call logs, and of course photos in the target system that has been transmitted through Whatsapp.

Now, a bit of background about being able to do such things – in the technical space, this is called hacking the target phone and is considered to be a very hard task.

However, this Whatsapp spy app makes it appear like a stroll in the park. Android smartphone users must be familiar with the term “rooting”.

This involves overcoming the restrictions laid by the manufacturer of the Android smartphone and activating the admin access.

Root access enables the users to remove any software (including manufacturer pre-installed ones) and activate features that were hidden earlier.

“Jailbreak” is the term used in the iPhone space that is synonymous with “Rooting” in the Android domain.

Using this Whatsapp spy app is very simple.

The first step would obviously be to choose a mobile monitoring plan which provides all the features you need and has payment option of your convenience.

Once you provide the required details and make the payments you will be sent detailed instructions to your registered mail on how to use and how to download 9spy app.

All you have to do is check your email and follow the instructions to install the 9spy app on the targeted device.

Please be aware that being a spy app this would not be available through Google PlayStore or the App Store.

You can download the apk only through the method mentioned above.

You can then log on to your Personal Account from another computer or tablet and keep an eye on all activities of the monitored Smartphone.

You would be amazed to learn about the simplicity of the entire process and the level of remote monitoring it provides you.

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Eugene Ladd